Delirium; or The Book of the Mad.

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Chapter 8

Unit 23175-XAC watched them take Mr. Tanaka out of the house. It saw the doctor talk to Mr. Tanaka’s children on a video chat, and knew that in a week they would be here in the apartment to see Mr. Tanaka’s property and divide his assets. Both, Unit 23175-XAC and Hisho, would be sold, most likely separated since while there were lots of dieing people old people in Japan, some of them will likely already have a dog to help them. The robot contemplated this. It decided that it was Mr. Tanaka’s medical bot and now that Mr. Tanaka was dead, it could now do something else, so Unit 23175-XAC filled up Hisho’s food and took the dog for a walk, thinking that maybe Hisho would know where to go.

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