Delirium; or The Book of the Mad.

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Chapter 6

Dan Brown, aka the Mighty Mite, Los Angeles’s premier superhero (even if no one knew it) is at home ironing his costume. When he isn’t patrolling the City of Angel’s streets, Dan is also the city’s smallest male nurse at a whole 3’9″. Everyone thinks that Dan is crazy because he walks around LA’s worst neighborhoods in a spandex costume, cape and luchedor mask. In his defense, Dan is not exactly unable to physically be a vigilante. He has a black belt in Aikido and Kempo, is an experienced mountain climber and body builder, and owns a large collection of non-lethal weaponry. It’s just that no one take’s a 3’9″ superhero with no superpowers seriously. There are a few people in the city who have benefited from the Mighty Mite’s nightly patrols, a few violent crackheads and at least one pimp have faced the fury of the Mighty Mite. He just wished that a real challenge would arrive. Every serious superhero needs a super villain. Little does Dan know that soon he will go face to face with the greatest super being possible.

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