Delirium; or The Book of the Mad.

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Chapter 5

Professor Lauren Michaels, PhD, is giving a recorded speech at CERN on the Franco-Swiss border. Professor Michaels is in her late forties and is still considered to be very attractive, with long dirty blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. The speech she is giving is about a new discovery verifying the existence of other dimensions of space, though only a handful of people would care enough to watch it. She is taking her time and making sure to describe the phenomena as best she can because she knows that her words will inevitably be twisted by the general population to suit their already firmly held beliefs, though she also knew that most of the general population didn’t understand or even care about her work. But, what Dr. Michaels did not know was that the top two buttons on her blouse had fallen off as she was giving her speech and the camera was now focusing on her ample cleavage. This will lead to the biggest scientific debate in recent years and ultimately the most singular important scientific discovery in history.

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