Delirium; or The Book of the Mad.

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Chapter 4

IAO looked out into the nothingness and grew bored. IOA existed because that was what he did. He existed. Or more aptly he WAS existence. Of course, he is not the proper pronoun for IAO. IAO was about as close to male as a virus was to a pineapple. But, I, like every being capable of contemplating IAO, have an annoying tendency to see this incredible being as a template for myself. This is, of course, stupid. If I was capable of even remotely understanding an entity such as creation itself, I would obviously be a much better writer. But, enough of picking off my flaws, let’s get back to IAO, who is at this very moment deciding that he is tired of being bored and that he may take up a new hobby. The only problem is that since there is nothing except IAO, he would need to create something to be able to have something to do. So, IAO went ahead and created everything that ever was or ever will be. And was promptly entertained for a bit. Which leads us to the year 2012, where a very unusual event is happening, a physicist is speaking and people are listening! It of course helps that this particular physicist is an attractive woman.

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