Delirium; or The Book of the Mad.

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Chapter 3

Unit 23175-XAC read Mr. Tanaka’s vitals and decided to increase the old man’s doses of morphine by 5CCs. A medical robot like thousands of others in Japan, Unit 23175-XAC took care of Mr. Tanaka because that’s what it was programmed to do. It is certaintly not that the robot cared about Mr. Tanaka, who was a retired government worker who resented the robot and heaped abuse onto it. Unit 23175-XAC didn’t have any choice in the matter and really didn’t mind its job so much. Though there are those who would argue that it didn’t mind at all, seeing as how it is a machine and not quite sentient. It possesed an AI interface that gave it the appearance of sentience, but it did not have the creative spirit of a human. Hell, it didn’t have the creative spirit of Hisho, Mr. Tanaka’s little dog, who was currently entertaining itself be chasing its tail. Unit 23175-XAC often wondered what the dog would do if it caught it and looked forward to the day the canine would cleverly catch its arch nemesis. Mr. Tanaka’s children bought him the puppy because they heard that giving a dying old person a pet was supposed to make them happy. Mr. Tanaka didn’t much care for Hisho, but then again Mr. Tanaka didn’t care much for anything. So, Unit 23175-XAC made sure to keep the dog out of sight and take care of him and even play with him. Unit 23175-XAC understood the dog about as well as it understood humans, though truth be told it didn’t really see a big difference between the two. Mr. Tanaka’s vitals dipped and Unit 23175-XAC responded by taking emergency action and calling for a doctor, though the robot knew that by the time the doctor got there Mr. Tanaka would be dead. Unit 23175-XAC gave Mr. Tanaka some more morphine then went into the other room and fed Hisho.

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