Delirium; or The Book of the Mad.

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Chapter 11

And behind a curtain of air, in land just beyond are eyes past the lakes which connected Hastur, Aldebaran and the mystery of the Hyades in the ancient and terrible land of Carcosa two beings are speaking of the events that have passed surrounded by a group of respectful mean in black suits.

The first one is a wooden puppet dressed in the manner of a European king is named Cassilda. The other, also a wooden puppet, dressed as a farmer is called Camilla. And high above them both shrouded in darkness is the ventriloquist.

“What are we going to do? Those damn sorcerers and now fucking Babalon! Fuck!”

“This would nver happen is I was in charge” Camilla says with a bit of a huff.

“Oh don’t start that shit! You were in charge the last eight years now its my turn! That’s the rules, the way its always been so fuck off!” yells Cassilda, annoyed that his partner and rival would bring it up now of all times when they should be working together with a plan to contain IAO.

“I don’t see what the big deal is, its just mass hysteria. We’ve done well with mass hysteria before. The people will believe any shit we shove down their throats as long as we make it easy for them. You can beat a dog to death as long as you feed him. And it’s not like the fucking humans are going to guess what he really is. So let him have his fun and we’ll say it was moody bread or chemicals in the tap water are some shit.”

“Yes that will work for most of the people, but some are bound to ask questions and those fucking magicians are just retarded enough to answer them.”

“So we kill the magicians. It’ll be just like last time. Tie them to the post and light the fires and next thing you know everyone is goose stepping into line.”

“You fucking sheep shagging simpleton! This isn’t like last time. We are too fucking close! The new King in Flesh is ready to take his throne!  The virus has taken hold and is ready to infect the others. The Shadow People are strong enough and the Host is ready. The Alcubierre is almost ready. If the Host figures out about the Shadow People then the whole thing is fucked! And IAO is a variant we don’t fucking need. Now take this shit seriously and fucking contribute something!”

“Why don’t we send out The Flood to where he is! That should take care of that. Just like in New Orleans. Wiped out all those fucking magicians in one swoop. My best plan ever if I do say so myself.”

“Ya, and how many of this current batch of trouble makers came out of that! You didn’t put enough compassion into the slaughter. Made people mad. Made them question us! No no, we something a more subtle monster this time. Something to distract people from IAO and the Shadows. Something like……..

A Hero! That’s it! A self sacrificing hero. An unlikely champion who rises from humble origins and saves the world by defeating the scary ‘alien’ threat! We’ll publicize him, send in the Men in Black to take care of IAO and the sorcerers, tell the everyone IAO is an invading ‘alien’ and not only do we get rid of the problem, the stupid fucking meat bags will be begging us to send them to other galaxies to declare war and destroy whole civilizations!”

“Well Cassilda I have to give it to you, its a good plan.”

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