Delirium; or The Book of the Mad.

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Chapter 10

I turn on my laptop to test it. I’ve looked my cat into the restroom and I can hear him growling at the sound of my laptop, his sex toy, powering up. The web instantly comes on when it powers itself up and on the screen is a very young girl talking into the webcam. I try to exit the site but the screen is stuck.

“Hello all my wonderful followers” the barely prepubescent girl on the screen says. She has short black hair, pale white skin and is wearing a private school uniform. If I had to guess I would say she can’t be a day over fourteen and I am getting very nervous about this being on my computer.

“My beautiful sweet perverts you will never believe what that mean old Mrs. Prudence did today. When she saw that I was not wearing any panties she made me bend over her desk in front of the whole class and she spanked my bottom with her big old ruler.”

She lifts up her skirt to show the red marks on her ass and I both aroused and terrified. The power button isn’t working and I am starting to get paranoid imaging the Nightline crew right outside my door. I notice then that the page has a hit counter on it and the number is rising steadily well into the millions. I wonder if that because this is a virus and no one else can log off either or if there are really just that many perverts. Neither would surprise me.

“So my dirty little pedophiles I have a special mission for all of you and a little treat as well.” She grabs a life size ET doll with a light up finger. “So today we are going to have a world wide online orgy today. Doesn’t that sound fun? Now I need some off you to slow down. No one likes a minute man! Now slow down and breathe. Breathe in and out with each stroke. Ladies rub with the rhythm. That’s it follow my lead.” She says why demonstrating on herself. I can’t help it my dick is in my hands and I am jerking off to her rhythm too.

“That’s it.” She says huskily moaning ever syllable. ” Keep up the rhythm. Now imagine the whole universe swirling around your head. Swirling with all of our sexual rhythm.  Swirling faster as we all come closer to the end. Faster. Faster. That’s right.” She has started inserting ET’s glowing finger into herself and looks like she is on the edge of climaxing and I am right there with her. I wonder if the other millions of viewers are there too and if we are about to have a world wide simultaneous orgasm. I can actually see the universe swirling around me as I get closer.

“Now babies I want to scream ‘Ave Babalon’ as you orgasm.” I don’t now what she talking about but at this point I’d scream out my own mother’s name. “Come on now! See the universe enter into your head at the crown. See it flow through your body filling every part of you like your a sponge adsorbing water till your over flowing. Now picture the order and structure of the universe break down while its inside you. Every thing that was is no more! No more rules! No more boundaries! No more limitations! Shout it! SHOUT MY NAME!” She screams as she orgasm and I scream as I orgasm AVE BABALON! And I feel the entire universe shoot out of me with my cum and my whole body is shaking like I’m having a seizure, my brain gone blank and I can feel ever single one of the millions of other who just orgasm-ed as well like were interconnected, like we’re one. And I pass out and all is darkness.

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