Delirium; or The Book of the Mad.

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Chapter 2

The ritual had taken days, with fasting, chanting, drawing circles, pentagrams, hexagrams, protective sigils and wards on the floor and walls, and the regular ingestion of sacred herbs and drugs. These men guzzled water greedily and sweated it out in ritual dances, then pissed into buckets and drank the urine. They did not sleep or even rest. For ten days they worked, first in their sacred robes, then naked. They would not be deterred. They pushed themselves until they were half way out of the world and halfway out of their minds. They pushed themselves into dimensions that man was never meant to know, the secret spaces. They went searching in through the subtle realms, until, on the tenth day they found what they were looking for. A being so beautiful and unnatural that it defied explanation. They called it to them and it followed. Into our world, it poured in and tried to take shape. Then in the middle of the protective circle it manifested a Form. The men were taken back by its awesome presence. Then it spoke and all of existence trembled in fear.

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